How are things?


In a bout of boredom + craziness, I found myself deleting all Philippine Idol-related posts in this blog – the entries that used to get my blog to the Top 100 most-viewed WordPress blogs of the day. I have been planning to effect some changes into this blog for quite some time now, and a clean-up would be nice for starters, I thought. It’d take some time before Google’s (and other search engines’) cache gets cleared of my PI entries, so if you chanced upon this blog in search of PI stuff, es tut mir Leid.

For three days now, I’ve been playing Paris Hilton‘s “Stars Are Blind” nonstop while trying to look A.I.D.S* at work. Yeah, I know, the lyrics are far from spectacular –

If you show me real love, baby I’ll show you mine…

(Uhm, Paris, I think everyone has already seen yours…)

 – but hey, the voice is decent enough (shades of Gwen Stefani in Underneath It All, even) and you know the chorus (at least) is just so undeniable (yay for reggae!). It peaked at #18 (debut) in the Billboard top 100 charts, which is not bad, considering.

I heard there’s a, uhm, sexier(?), video than the North American version, with Hilton’s boob saying ‘hi’ (okay, let’s see if the hits shoot up with this one). Here’s a screencap:

Paris in Peek-a-Boob

*As If Doing Something

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association – School of Statistics Chapter will hold its nth General Assembly at the STAT Auditorium on July 1, 2006. Registration will start at 8am. This will be a half-day affair. Membership fee is Php300 (additional Php100 for the food). For more details, post a comment here, or contact Nancy at +632 928 0881. You may also visit the School of Statistics website. See you there! 🙂

Although I highly doubt that this post will reach the audience for which it’s intended, here it goes anyway.

Many thanks to all the people who, in one way or another, figured in my stint with the very first project that I’ve been with at work.

To my teammates – thanks for being polite, for being smart, for being outspoken, for keeping it real. Miss me, coz I will you very much.

I’m leaving business rules to try my luck on SAP. I heard it’s a really marketable skill, so here’s hoping that I strike gold in the project that I eventually get rolled in to.

Para sa pagtuturo mo sa akin ng multiplication table noong anim na taong gulang pa lang ako, ito habang naglalaba ka sa kalaliman ng gabi ka at tanging ilaw lang ng lampara ang ating gamit dahil wala pa tayong kuryente noon

Para sa paghehele mo sa akin noong maraming beses ako umatungal sa gabi dahil sa sakit ng ngipin ko

Para sa pagputok mo ng nana ko sa paa sa talampakan gamit ang sterilized na nail cutter na iyong ginawa sa kalagitnaan ng mahimbing kong pagtulog para hindi ko maramdaman ang sakit

Para sa pagtitinda mo ng tinapa/tocino atbp sa kasagsagan ng init ng araw para sa aming tatlo

Para sa pagbibigay mo sa akin ng five-dollar bill na may kung ilang taon ding nagsilbing palamuti ng wallet mo, dahil wala ka na talagang maibigay

Para sa hindi mo pagsuko kahit ganun si tatay

Para sa marami pang bagay hindi ko na iisa-isahin

Para sa lahat ng kung ano ako ngayon.

I love you, Nanay. Everyday and twice every 2nd of May. Happy birthday!

I’ve always taken brains to be synonymous to beauty. Let me then dedicate this entry to the most beautiful of the UP Diliman graduating class of 2006:

CHRISTIAN DANVE M. CASTROVERDE (BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 1.038)
DONALD K. NGWE (BS Economics, 1.104)
MAUREEN EMERALD H. VALENCIA (BS Business Administration, 1.114)
BEVERLY CLAUDINE C. SHANGKUAN (Bachelor in Music, 1.152)
FRANCES MAE C. RAMOS (BA Anthropology, 1.166)
CHRISTOPHER JOHN P. LAO (BA Philosophy, 1.159)
FRANCIS NORMAN C. PARAAN (BS Applied Physics, 1.195)

Hot, hot, hot. Just fucking hot. Danve Castroverde got a 1.0 in all subjects but Comm 1 where he received a 1.25. I therefore conclude that it was the teacher who had communication problems. 

There you have it, folks – the full names of the 12 summa cum laude of UPD Batch ’06. So before the gene prices shoot up, log in on Friendster and let the stalking begin!  😛

*inflammation of the Prosencephalon