Yeah! Yay!

My youngest brother is starting college this June, and I think this is a very good reason that I can use to finally be on my own and move out of the apartment I’ve been sharing with a , uhm, very nice cousin, for the last year and a half. Well, I technically won’t be living on my own as my brother is going to be with me, but hey, I can bully and hit him anytime without having to worry about getting lashed back at. hihi.

I’ve long been wanting to get away from her ever since that bathroom sink incident*. But since I’m never one to abandon anyone I know in need (yeah, right), I had kept on postponing my meeting with Mr. Liberty. Now, my brother is coming over from the province. So is his brother. And there is absolutely no way one can make me share that 4-sq.m contraption with four people! Just the thought of it makes me run out of breath. I kid not, it’s barely big enough for two people.

The obligatory bye-bye post will follow once the move is complete.

*basta, minaldita talaga niya ako.