New year. Nothing really new. My teeth still need corrective bracing. Badly.Some special stuff I’m looking forward to this first month of ’06:

1. Jason Mraz Live in Manila (part deux)

The Wizard of Oh's and Ah's and Falala's

The Geek in the Pink is coming back here for a 2-night concert and, of course, for Mr. A-Z, my house is just two blocks away, or maybe closer.

Venue: Rockwell Tent Event
Date/Time: January 20, 2006 Friday at 8:00pm
Seat and Price: Seat Location Price VIP (Reserve Seating) 2610 Patron (Reserve Seating) 1044

Venue: NBC Tent Event
Date/Time: January 21, 2006 Saturday at 8:00pm
Seat and Price: Seat Location Price VIP Center (Reserve Seating) 2088 Patron Center (Reserve Seating) 1566 VIP Sides (Reserve Seating) 1044 Patron Sides (Reserve Seating) 522

Ticketnet has the tickets.

Dear Jason,
Please, please, please sign my CDs.

I’ve yet to buy a ticket.
I’ve already bought a ticket. I’m most probably seeing him at the NBC Tent (much as I’d want to be there on both nights, my wallet is being a bitch again). I’m going alone, and am gonna be meeting some fellow mrazmaniacs from Peyups.

Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me

2. New season of American Idol.
Yay, one of the things that make me want to go home early from work. If I had a list of all-time favorites songs, many would be ones that I first heard on AI.

3. Volleyball games. In an official league.
I’m not just a barangay player anymore! Yay!
I signed up for this volleyball league sponsored by the company I’m currently working for. The opening was last Saturday (Jan 7), and our team drew the top seeded team for our first assignment. We lost, as expected. Sabi ko kasi, ‘wag na lang akong ipasok eh. Tsk tsk. But our team logo won first place!

Go, Technet!

4. My mp3 player got confined in the service center last December. It’s expected to get well by January 11. I need to do a Jason Mraz marathon everyday so I can sing along with the Dude come the 21st.