Just saw The Chronicles of Narnia half-an-hour ago. Everybody’s blogging about it, and I could start blabbing about how fake the snow in the movie looked to me, but I won’t. (Hmm, I did start to babble.)

Instead, I’m alloting this space for my good friend Kate‘s mom, Nanay Niya (pronounced nee-ya). Tomorrow, she turns 51. Still as fresh as ever.

I stayed over at Kate’s house in Urdaneta, Pangasinan for two weeks three years ago when I took a breather from school as per doctor’s advice. Everyday, Nanay Niya would feed us chicken, juggling adobo, fried, sinigang, tinola and minatamis na manok for variety. Yes, minatamis na manok – chicken boiled in red sugar, black pepper and pandan leaves. Yummy. And for dessert, she’d bake us these mouth-watering biscuits made from kamoteng-kahoy and sprinkled with Bear Brand powdered milk. Heavenly.

Nanay Niya, more birthdays for you, so more kamoteng-kahoy crinkles for me. Teehee!