It’s been 46 hours. And I’m still under his spell.

To say that I had a great time watching Mraz live is probably the biggest understatement of the year yet. Waaah, sabi ko nga sa friend ko, gusto kong magsommersault, magdive sa pool kahit walang hanggang tuhod lang ang tubig, magcartwheel, etc. etc.! When I finally land back on Earth.

I got to NBC Tent around 8:20p.m., and as expected, the show hadn’t started yet. As I fell in line at the entrance, I tried my best not to ogle too much at fans who were dressed to the nines (relative to my faded red shirt and faded jeans). Everyone seemed to own an iPod Video, an N-series Nokia phone, and I saw no other person except me arrive on a cab!

A cringefest that was Paolo Santos kicked things off. I apologize to his fans. He should just stick to playing the guitar, because that’s what he’s decent at. Sing no more, please.

Just when I thought I’d have a convulsion with the Paolo Santos small talk that I had to endure, Mr. Acoustic (fudge!) popped out and in came the Dude. And the dream started.

Great, great set!

Life is Wonderful
You and I Both
Mr. Curiosity
0% Interest (with “Our House”, “Wonderwall” and “Where is the Love” in-betweens)
Rocket Man
Sleeping to Dream
1000 Things
Curbside Prophet
No Stopping Us
Geek in the Pink
Plane (Encore)

I was expecting a full band, just like in his first gig at the Aliw Theatre two years ago, but there was only Mr. A-Z and the endearing djembe master Toca Rivera. Nonetheless, they were definitely much, much more than enough. Together, Jason and Toca got the whole crowd in trance with dreamy music. Ahh, yes, dreamy…

And what I love about Mraz, among 1000 (other) things, is that he connects with his audience not only thru singing his songs for them, he actually talks to the crowd, and while he does get cheesy at times, he seems to know that he’s cheesy and works with it with lame jokes and comments throughout the show, all of which don’t fail to give the crowd a good laugh and him a big round of hoots and applause in return.

Paolo Santos just had to re-join in midway through the show, but I was all too willing to forgive that, since he provided not-too-shabby back-up vocals when Jason Mraz sang Sleeping to Dream. This song gave me the creeps, just as it always does everytime I play Mraz on my mp3 player. I have this live version of the song where Jason had help from the co-writer, Peter Stuart, which is the most-played track in my player right now.

Damn, I have to wait for another two years till he comes back again.

p.s.: I was able to record the whole thing. 64kbps. Not good. Plus there was this bitch who just wouldn’t shut up and kept on singing along the entire time. Ouch. Haha.