Come Feb 15, we’re going to migrate (yet) again. To a new apartment.
This would be our fourth stop in 4 years. Talk about apartment-hopping. First time that I’d get to have my own bedroom. Looking forward to Mraz-wallpapering the room. Hihi.
This one deserves a separate, more decent adieu entry. Coming soon.

Come Feb 12, a new proxy at the office takes over.
Goodbye, blog-hopping during office hours (shyet!).
Goodbye, sex and funny videos.
Goodbye, radioblogclub. (@#$%^&!)
Good thing they left Peyups alone. Hay naku.


I seriously want to kill someone named Jam. Why, oh, why could she and I couldn’t? Hmm, kasya kaya sa akin yung jeans?

Why does free food almost always comes when you’re not hungry?