Just yesterday, people were busy recycling left-over buena noche spaghetti into pancit luglog-con-miki-bihon-canton-ham-hotdog-barbecue-sopas-fruit-macaroni-buco-salad; what do you know, now we're into the second quarter of the year.

It's our bunso's birthday a few hours from now. Bunso was a premature baby – got impatient inside our nanay's belly a good three months before he was due. Ang kwento, he had been the size of an 8-oz bottle of Coke Sarsi when he was born. The youngest child in the family usually ends up with the best (or the worst) combination possible from the gene pool (menopause babies, more so) and bunso was lucky. He was the cutest in the brood. Not that it took a lot to be cuter than me.

Never mind that at age 6, he almost had our house burned down when he tried to burn dried leaves that he himself had painstakingly swept and gathered [you know how most houses in the rural provinces are usually built — wood+pawid.]

Never mind that on his first day in school, he drank his teacher's softdrink when the entire class was out on recess. Kaya 'nyo yun? 😛

Never mind that his nose is one size bigger than normal. I think it's my Nanay's genes – most of our relatives from my Nanay's side have, uhm, prominent noses. Not Western prominent noses, but prominent nonetheless. 😀 And isn't the nose the only part of the human body that never stops growing? Oh, it's not? Ahh, it's the ears? Okay. Whew.

Never mind. What I wanna say is, I love you, ading.


Ako ang nag-win!

Keanna does it! Success itu! Stand by for victory party invites! 😛