For three days now, I’ve been playing Paris Hilton‘s “Stars Are Blind” nonstop while trying to look A.I.D.S* at work. Yeah, I know, the lyrics are far from spectacular –

If you show me real love, baby I’ll show you mine…

(Uhm, Paris, I think everyone has already seen yours…)

 – but hey, the voice is decent enough (shades of Gwen Stefani in Underneath It All, even) and you know the chorus (at least) is just so undeniable (yay for reggae!). It peaked at #18 (debut) in the Billboard top 100 charts, which is not bad, considering.

I heard there’s a, uhm, sexier(?), video than the North American version, with Hilton’s boob saying ‘hi’ (okay, let’s see if the hits shoot up with this one). Here’s a screencap:

Paris in Peek-a-Boob

*As If Doing Something