If you were to write a Tagalog emo* song, how'd you go about it?

Tumalak ang bibi sa dagat ng kulay
Sa abo ng lawa, sa kirot ng baybay
Hindi alintana ang sikmat ng usahay
Sa piling ng hanging ni hindi malakbay.
imisin ang kalat sa balutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

Kikita kaya yan? Kumita ang Hale**. Why not?

*Before you go telling me what EMO music really is, tanong ko lang, EMO KA BA like Emo Princess? Do you know, Underoath? Hawthorne Heights? Matchbook Romance? Pfft.
**Patawad kay Patching at sa Halers.:P


Just yesterday, people were busy recycling left-over buena noche spaghetti into pancit luglog-con-miki-bihon-canton-ham-hotdog-barbecue-sopas-fruit-macaroni-buco-salad; what do you know, now we're into the second quarter of the year.

It's our bunso's birthday a few hours from now. Bunso was a premature baby – got impatient inside our nanay's belly a good three months before he was due. Ang kwento, he had been the size of an 8-oz bottle of Coke Sarsi when he was born. The youngest child in the family usually ends up with the best (or the worst) combination possible from the gene pool (menopause babies, more so) and bunso was lucky. He was the cutest in the brood. Not that it took a lot to be cuter than me.

Never mind that at age 6, he almost had our house burned down when he tried to burn dried leaves that he himself had painstakingly swept and gathered [you know how most houses in the rural provinces are usually built — wood+pawid.]

Never mind that on his first day in school, he drank his teacher's softdrink when the entire class was out on recess. Kaya 'nyo yun? ūüėõ

Never mind that his nose is one size bigger than normal. I think it's my Nanay's genes – most of our relatives from my Nanay's side have, uhm, prominent noses. Not Western prominent noses, but prominent nonetheless. ūüėÄ And isn't the nose the only part of the human body that never stops growing? Oh, it's not? Ahh, it's the ears? Okay. Whew.

Never mind. What I wanna say is, I love you, ading.


Ako ang nag-win!

Keanna does it! Success itu! Stand by for victory party invites! ūüėõ

Sinong bastos? Puke as in vomit.

Yesterday, I remembered all the plans that I had since¬†early January to try Eurostar out with some friends in tow. Ngayon lang ako nagkapera, but unfortunately, I found out just yesterday, too, that the rides have apparently been all packed up. So to console myself, inisip ko na lang, okay lang na hindi ako nakapunta kasi amoy puke naman na raw dun everywhere. amoy puke! amoy puke! again, pyuk as in vomit. ūüėõ

Sorry, I know this post stinks, too. I’ve been busy puking.


Round 1 entries to Season 3 of  Reverse Survivor are up. Haha. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

On my way to the office everyday, I pass by a lot of newsstands, and for the past¬†couple¬†of¬†mornings,¬†every tabloid¬†or broadsheet that my eyes would run over had a glaring “1017”¬†on its front page. I won’t pretend to be someone who cares¬†about the current political¬†and national brouhaha (sorry) that we currently have¬†when I actually don’t. In fact, after President Arroyo declared a state of national emergency thru Proclamation 1017¬†a few days ago, my first reaction¬†had been¬†to wish that classes and work be suspended. Sadly for me, only the first was granted.

This article, however, I found really chilling and exciting at the same time. One part of me is half-afraid of the things that would come after 1017 (read: Martial Law). Yet, another part of me is curious and excited. I never said I was normal.


June 2005. I and a friend of mine, in constant hunt for greener pastures, came across this job notice that was supposedly from NEC. Interested applicants had to submit the usual requirements: transcript of records, diploma, etc etc, AND pay $50 for work permit evaluation. At that time, the $50 fee seemed very cheap in exchange for a job at NEC America. We were VERY hopeful. Then just when I have almost forgotten about it, in came this email:

From: maryann taylor [mailto:marytaylor_necamerica@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 9:05 AM
To: lukareto@yahoo.com
Subject: Working Permit
To: Lukareto
                     We are very glad to inform and congratulate you for passing the working permit.  Please do submit your passport, original medical clearance and authority clearance to Mr. Jerald Nuqui on or before April 10,2006 so he can forward it to us for processing of your visa.  Again congratulations and see you soon.  The management are looking forward to work with you.

Maryann V. Taylor
Human Resources Director

It doesn’t take a genius to reckon that there’s something not right about this email. @hotmail.com? Hello, one would think that NEC, being a well-known company,¬†would have¬†its own e-mail domain. Maryann? Mary Ann would have looked way more credible. Hmm.

I, surprisingly even to myself, don’t feel that bad about¬†getting¬†duped. Instead, I laughed the moment I opened the email¬†and¬†the thought struck me¬†that¬†this¬†could be¬†nothing but one of those scams.¬†If it does turn out to be, it would be¬†so stupid (my¬†not seeing thru it early on)¬†it would¬†be¬†hysterical!¬†{insert lmao smiley here} Looking back, I should’ve¬†realized that it was so wrong¬†to be paying for something and not getting an official receipt (we were¬†asked to deposit the¬†fee to a bank account).¬†Haha.

Moral of the story: If it’s from Hotmail, it must be a hoax? Wag masyadong mukhang pera.{insert another lmao smiley here}

But the funnier (okay, more stupid)¬†thing is, somehow, I’m still considering going for it.¬†As long as I don’t get required to pay anything else anymore. Again, I never said I was normal. ūüėõ

Need some good laugh? 

Live A.I.D.S. 22

  Live A.I.D.S. (Ang Istoryang Dinevelop ng SAMASKOM) 22

When: March 3 (7pm), March 4 (3pm/7pm), March 5 (7pm)
Where: SM City North Edsa Cinema 5
Tickets: P200. Contact Ehm @ 09157837436

This should be the most Googleable post evur!

I got to talk to a SEO guru, Marc from Macalua.com and man, is he hot! Thanks, Marc, for passing it forward. ūüėÄ

Now, on to Googleable-therefore-be.

negative b plus/minus square root of b squared minus 4ac all over 2a

don’t you just miss high school math?¬† What’s your all-time favorite formula?

okay, let the bashing begin. ūüėÄ